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Five Trends Redefining Graphic Designing in 2023

Updated: Mar 15

Ready to delve into the future of design? Let’s have a look at all the techniques which are trending and how top companies have been adopting the same.

Seeing the biggest trend of AI entering into every role, graphic designers may feel the need to not work anymore in 2023. But this also means a graphic designer is expected to do much more than ever. It's no longer good enough to only design for print or even digital. There's also motion, AR, VR, mixed reality and a lot more. 

The good news is that a good design is always good, irrespective of the platform. So stick to the fundamentals, and you will not go wrong. We predict 2023 graphic design trends will showcase creativity, futurism, and fearlessness. There will be an increased focus on simplistic, stripped-back design, highlighting humanism, authenticity, and personality. 

1. Anti-Branding

Anti-branding might sound negative and indicate low marketing. But this trend focuses on minimalism, sustainability, humanity and thoughtfulness. It depicts how brands are consciously choosing to go black and white to reduce ink on printing, how they show their support and concern to be eco friendly and focuses importance on the brands core values, authenticity and reliability.

We have noticed Calvin Klein & Apple follow this trend for years!

2. Creative Typography

Be bold, be unique, be bright and be memorable. It’s always trendy to be catchy. 

Experimental typography is all about pushing the boundaries of traditional typography and exploring new ways to create text-based designs. 

Pair typography with illustrations, collage and textures to experiment and create edgy designs which are everlasting. Bold typography can be used to highlight key information, create contrast, and add personality to a design.

The top brands which come to mind who have applied this technique before time are Subway & Google.

3. Y2K Evolution

Think Instagram or Starbucks or Coca Cola who are taking the Y2K Aesthetics to a new level. You can notice a pop of colours, gradients, metallic textures coming into light. In a world moving so fast, nostalgia has a special place, a retro look which is highly versatile will rarely go out of style.

4. Radiant Gradient

Most relevant designs which have become recognizable by everyone. It looks good, easily adaptable, vibrant, visually appealing and endless scope to experiment. The colour palette is huge to explore, and designers can create unique templates and combinations for brands and each product type. Think of blends and the most common examples are Tinder, Messenger, Firefox, Apple Music.

5. AI Design


Is it even possible to speak about trends and not mention AI? Not anymore! Text-to-image AI generators can now produce head-turning images and artworks using algorithms and data sets. And, in doing so, they’re speeding up workflows and opening up endless opportunities. 

So how can you use this cutting-edge technology to fuel your creativity? There are various AI tools now available easily, which are being used by many agencies. A few keywords are all that are needed to generate some dramatic results. 

Heinz used Dall-E 2 for its campaign “draw ketchup”. Heinz played around with different styles, creating some wild imagery through the Dall-E software, but that label shape remained pretty consistent throughout

Keep calm and carry on!

Visual design and visual storytelling will continue to be important. The above trends will inspire graphic designers and motivate them that they are on the right path. Even though at times it might feel like we are in a battle with technology, when used aptly we can collaborate and work together efficiently. The work will showcase increased productivity, reduced time frames and the ability of human thought to be distinct and to recognize beautiful designs and create maximum impact.

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