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Trivent Legal

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Trivent Legal





Medical Legal services


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Why did they come to us?

Trivent Legal approached us because they were dissatisfied with their current website and sought a redesign. Their goal was to revamp the website and establish brand guidelines for consistent representation across all platforms.

How do they know us?

Referral from an employee

What we did for them?

With only a logo and inconsistent brand representation across different platforms, we proposed detailed brand guidelines to streamline their presence and enhance their positioning.


For website redesign, we started by delving into buyer personas, immersing ourselves in understanding the brand and industry. The previous website was flooded with content in an unorganised way, so we ensured organisation, simplified the language for easy understanding, and added elements that would make the website pop.

The Website

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Developer’s productivity platform

Trivent Legal

Developer’s productivity platform


Developer’s productivity platform

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