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Vavye Mobility

India’s first solar car


Vavye Mobility




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Why did they come to us?

Vayve Mobility was all set to unveil India's pioneering solar car at the Delhi Auto Expo in 2023. While they successfully crafted the car's design, they faced a shortfall in the form of a strategic branding partner to assist them in making a mark at the event.

How do they know us?

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What we did for them?

Understanding the needs of our target audience, including office goers and college students facing traffic and budget constraints, we highlighted the appeal of our solar electric vehicle. The booth proudly displayed the proclamation, "India’s first solar car," strategically positioned for maximum visibility.


To maintain a powerful message, our minimalist design focused on the tagline "Make a bold difference," reflecting the daring choice our car represents. We also paid tribute to the 200 individuals behind the project, adding a personal touch.


This clarity and elegance extended to our website, designed to convey an elite yet affordable feel. Our social media posts mirrored this approach, creating a consistent and classy image, making the car an attractive buy an affordable choice for prospective buyers.

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