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Shiv Nadar University

Renowned Institution of Eminence in India: A student-focused, multidisciplinary research university.


Shiv Nadar University





Higher Education University


Monthly Service

Why did they come to us?

They approached us as Shiv Nadar university (SNU) was launching a law school vertical, seeking a distinct design language compared to existing communication materials. Opting for Creativano over another vendor, they anticipated a unique perspective and perception in our approach.

How do they know us?

External Referral 

What we did for them?

In expediting their market entry within a concise 4-month timeframe, our involvement surpassed initial design tasks. Initially entrusted with designing the website, we seamlessly transitioned to development when the other agency fell short of their expectations.


Our commitment to a comprehensive brand image came to live through professional photography and videography. These visuals not only captured the 

essence of their brand but also conveyed compelling narratives. Further bolstering their digital presence, we curated brochures and flyers, contributing to a sophisticated imprint.


This integrated approach ensured not only a swift market introduction but also a refined and impactful debut, strategically positioning them for sustained success.

The Website

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