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Why did they come to us?

4xConnect, formerly known as 4xTechnology, underwent a comprehensive rebranding initiative, aiming to revamp its entire identity, including the name, logo, and website. The objective was to adopt a more modern and sophisticated design that effectively communicates their primary unique selling proposition (USP) - Connections.

How do they know us?

Client referral 

What we did for them?

We grasped the essence of the brand and identified a unique selling proposition (USP) that positions them ahead of competitors. Their connections with esteemed brands make them more desirable for the same services offered elsewhere.

Starting with the branding, the logo subtly reflects connection, featuring a top-view handshake cleverly integrated into the "c" and "o."

On the website, we've embraced a modern design with the dominant brand color prevalent throughout. The 3D layout symbolises sophistication, and a creative metaphor of a ball bouncing between two surfaces visually conveys the essence of connection.


In the realm of social media, our communication strategy caters to the tech-savvy audience. We simplify complex concepts by drawing parallels with everyday experiences, emphasising personal branding to establish a strong connection with our audience.

The Website

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